Implant placement on restricted mesiodistal space using ImplaStation software: a case report.

An Implant planning software has recently been used for safe implant treatment.

We report a clinical case in which author successfully used ImplaStation.

Surgical Guide was created with Volumed 2.0 sleeves for implant treatment of 43, 33, 36 tooth missing regions with severely restricted by tooth roots mesiodistal space in the tooth missing region 43.

CT images showed that the 43 site was narrow in mesiodistal width.

The implant bed was prepared with the Surgical Guide using the 2mm drill, then 2.5x10.0mm Narrow-Diameter CowellMedi Implant was installed.

One month after surgery, the position of the implant was examined with a cone-beam CT, which demonstrated that the implant position was exactly the same as planned.

In this case of a tooth missing region with narrow space, implant treatment with ImplaStation software and the Surgical Guide system provided excellent clinical results.