Instructions & Manuals

ImplaStation Instruction for Use Annex 1 – STL Editor

The Edit tools within The ImplaStation software is a comprehensive feature that helps to effectively modify STL surfaces. It grants access to a diverse array of powerful tools and functions, enabling efficient manipulation of STL geometry.

ImplaStation Instruction for Use. Part 2

ImplaStation Beta contains the stackable guide design module, the semi-automatic DIŠ”OM segmentation tool, a powerful STL files editor, and many other new features.

ImplaStation Instruction for Use

ImplaStation is a software for the maxillofacial area diagnosing, dental implantation planning, surgical guides creation, modeling and creation of individual gingival formers and abutments. The software is designed to reduce risks in dental implantation, to reduce treatment traumatic, to achieve optimal and predictable aesthetic and functional results. It is intended for professional use in dental clinics and dental laboratories. The software is multifunctional, open type allowing to work with any type of implants, guiding sleeves and milling cutters.

Product Library Creation Guide

The ImplaStation library contains implant, abutment, drill and sleeve systems from a large number of manufacturers. Users can create digital libraries of all elements, such as an implant, abutment, drill, and sleeve, on their own through using Product Library Creation Tool. All library elements are stored encrypted. Each library element can be protected from exporting the original shape.

MISTRAL V3 – Universal Guided Surgery Kit – Instruction For Use

The Mistral v3 Universal Guided Surgery Kit allows dental practitioners to deliver implants with the highest level of predictability, accuracy and efficiency. Designed for ease of use, this system works in conjuction with digital treatment planning and case-specific surgical guides.