ImplaStation PRICES

FREE Functions

  • installation;
  • DICOM and STL files loading;
  • project exchange between users;
  • virtual implant planning;

PAID Functions

  • surgical guide planning with the possibility of its subsequent export;
  • modeling of individual gum and abutment formers with the possibility of their subsequent export;
  • creating jaw models in the STL format with the possibility of their export;

STL Export Is A Paid Feature

Package Price, USD
3STL-Export 66
10STL-Export 190
100STL-Export 1000


ProDigiDent Lab provides Implant planning and Surgical Guide Services to assist with CBCT loading, model scanning, implant planning and surgical guide creation. You may order project and get STL or OBJ file of the Surgical Guide and print it in the Lab near to you.

What To Send For Implant Guides: CBCT scan (DICOM file) scanned in open occlusion; PVS impressions, accurate models, or intraoral digital impression scan in STL format, and bite; Indicate implant system and type; Specify the number of implants and locations.

Services Price, USD
Project Administration and Accounting 12
Alignment of DICOM and STL file (or STL and STL) 10
Placement of virtual crowns (per unit) 2
Nerve tracing (per unit) 3
Virtual implant planning (per unit) 13
Virtual sleeve and drill planning. Surgical protocol creation (for 1 implant) 6
Virtual planning of the anchor pin and sleeve (per 1 position) 10
Virtual planning of the abutment, multiunit (per unit) 8
Surgical guide creation and an export of the stl. or obj. file 17
DICOM to STL segmentation from 23
DICOM to STL segmentation for one tooth from 35
Custom Abutment / Custom Gingiva Former 30
Membrane planning for bone augmentation (per unit) 50
Individual impression tray from 30
Stackable Guides from 120
Preliminary consultation before creating a project from 30
Virtual wax-up (per unit) 7

This service is restricted for use in USA and some countries. Please contact Prodigident Inc. for ordering availability.